Saturday, 16 October 2010

Busy busy

Apologies for not having posted sooner.  Life has been rather hectic around here lately.

I have started back at school (studying french) and have been working as well.  With it all I am finding that I do not have enough hours in the day for everything that I need to do - let alone the things I want to do.

All will calm down in a week when I finish work and am on school holidays.  Then I will head to Germany and the Czech Republic for some geology.

Wayne is busy as usual with work and travel for said work.

The boys are gorgeous as ever.  Eric is growing at a rapid rate and is developing a funny little personality.  He is full of testosterone and learning to use his voice.  We are regularly serenaded by him howling in the hallway - where he gets the best accoustics of course - for no apparent reason than his own enjoyment at using his voice.  Guy is his usual gentle self.  He really is the most beautiful natured cat I have ever had the privilege of being owned by.  A few mischievious tricks just gives him character.

Anyway, no pics sorry.  You will have to wait till I transfer photos to picassa.... one of the changes that has happened by the designers - not me.  A real pain and unnecessary in my opinion.  Just more junk to download on the laptop.