Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monkey business

What an exciting week!

Thanks to the generosity of my brother and sister in law, I had the company of our nieces for a week... and what a fun week we had.

Lots of swimming, eating fresh juicy stone fruits, feeding chooks and collecting eggs, cuddling cats, picking fruit and veg from the garden, and learning new french phrases and behaviours.

They did really well in learning french and picking up the etiquette of the area.... and Tati Deb being who she is, they learnt a LOT of history and culture as well.  Poor things...lol  They thought it was school holidays, and wound up in holiday school.

One of the days we went to the Vallee des Singes.  A monkey zoo outside of Poitiers.  It was fabulous.  I highly recommend it.  The larger primates are kept in moated enclosures, but the smaller ones are all around you.  I love lemurs and was thrilled that one of them used my foot as a resting spot on his way to the feeding area.  The tiny monkeys were so cute and full of character as well.  The little one above was determined to see what was behind the camera and I had a hard job keeping him in the lens!

Our belongings did not arrive last week...... cancelled by the company as their driver was injured and could not drive (what international company only has one driver on call???).  Getting a bit fed up with them and will be writing to the removalists board when this is all over.  Hopefully they will be delivering tomorrow.  No time given, just between 8am and 6pm.  Please all think of us and think of the delivery going ahead. 

I will be learning to stack firewood next week.  Our winter stocks have been ordered and are due on wednesday afternoon.  There is a method to stacking the wood, which I will be learning and having to accomplish in order to get it all ready for winter.  Ten steres due, which is a lot of wood!  Think it may take me a while.  Watch this space.....

Anyway, could go on for weeks about the fun week with the kidlets, but know they will be chatting to, emailing and postcarding everyone, so will not spoil their news.

No other news from me.  Will update in next week after firewood delivery.  Must remember to tell you about the peach bbq sauce that I made.  Absolutely delicious!!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Not quite fluffy dice.....

But you can find fluffy cat bottoms in there. 

Yes, he is inside my car.  The penalty for leaving the hatch open while unloading things.

Now of course it is a fun game to have one in and one out and to attack each other through the windscreen.

.....and yes, they do walk all over the car at will....grrrr.   My cute little red car is always covered in grubby cat paw prints.  Even though it is parked in the garage and is washed and kept in good condition - I always have their sweaty little fat feet leaving calling cards across the bonnet, windows and roof.  Nothing deters Guy, and of course what Guy does, Eric copies.