Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas cake

I did it.  And it has snowflakes.

A lot of frustration, and wondering WHY I chose  a square shape (tricky business), but in the end it all came together.

Mind you, the kitchen is coated in icing sugar dust, and the cats are walking through sneezing and looking disgusted.  No appreciation for things that are not tummy rubs, cat food or warms....

Lets all hope it tastes good, and travels well! It is going to London with us next week, so here's to no sudden braking incidents on the

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year where ever you are in the world next week.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


This afternoon I did something which I have wanted to do for a long long time.

No, I did not run amock in a garden centre with an unlimited budget!..... I went to a cake decorating workshop.

What a great way to spend the afternoon!  We had so much fun and finished the session with mince pies and mulled wine and a cup of tea.  Lots of laughter and chatting as well as exploring our artistic side in icing.

Before I went, I had said I wanted to do snowflake patterns, but after seeing a cake with holly on top changed my mind and wanted to do something similar.  A girl is allowed to change her mind.

We started with fruitcakes made by Bev,
and she took us through covering them with marzipan,
then sugar paste, (modelled expertly by Janice),
and then decorating with sugar paste.
  Lots of sticky, sugary fun.

Aren't we a clever bunch?!  Three completely different ideas starting with the same basic cake and icing techniques.

Bev is running classes at her home this week and next, so book in quick.  A great Christmas present for a family member or friend, or just a nice treat for yourself.  You can find her at

 Classes will also be available next year with other themes (ie; Easter etc).  Check out her website, some of the cutest things ever can be found there.

My holly decorated cake will be raffled to support the Combined Services Support Group this saturday lunchtime in Fenioux at Café des Belles Fleurs. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Off to Paris for a few days for my Birthday.  Looking forward to seeing all the lights, and to do a bit of shopping with the girls.  Can't wait to see everyone.  It has been far too long.

I hope it is clear skies and no rain whilst there.  Last trip it rained miserably and was very windy.  Am hoping for good weather so I can stroll around, and to enjoy a chocolat chaud sitting outside a café people watching.

Lots of catching up and eating out will be done.  Think I am going to need a holiday to get over my short break.....  this little country mouse isn't used to the fast paced city mouse lifestyle anymore!

Back this time next week with an update on the big city life.