Monday, 22 October 2012

Les chats

We are well and truely into autumn now.  The trees are bare and the rains are falling almost non stop.  Everything is vibrant green again and preparing for its last big burst of growth and show before the cold really hits.

The neighbourhood cats have been taking advantage of every sunny moment.  If you want to know the most warm and sheltered place to laze the late afternoon away ..... find the cats. (The mornings find them arranged along the top of our firewood stacked behind the house...the first place the sun hits each day.)

It is quite common to have up to eight cats lined up along the base of our front walls, or in the gutter along the road, making the most of the thermal mass and the suns last lingering rays, before the sun sets.

One of the oldest cats in the allĂ©e is Maiena.  She is so pretty and has a cute little tiny meow.  I managed to catch her napping on the terracotta tiles on top of our neighbours wall, soaking in the last of the suns rays for the day.

I love the way she has melted in to the undulating curves of the tiles so that as much of her as possible is absorbing the warmth from them.  The dreamy expression on her face shows exactly how much she is enjoying basking there.

It is a cats' life!