Saturday, 5 February 2011

Art in Montmartre

The countdown is on for our move and, as you can imagine, we are frantically busy and stressed....but organised.  Believe it or not.  Only 2 weeks to go before we are country mice.

Our departure date from Paris is set as 23 feb.  There is farewell drinks on 18 feb.  Email me for details if you wish to join us.  As it is highly unlikely we will have internet immediately upon moving into our new home, please be patient and I will update as soon as we are connected.  In this case no news will be good news.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed with concerns about our family in Australia.  Everyone is ok.  A bit soggy and sick of the extreme weather, but ok.  Torrential rain, flooding and cyclones up north... extreme heat and bushfires - and flooding (!) - down south.  Crazy times.

One thing I did not want to forget to tell you about in all the rush to move is a friends art expo that is coming up.  If you are in Paris at the time, it will be worth going to.  Who knows, you may even pick up an original piece for yourself.  I am going to try and be back in Paris for the expo as it promises to be fabulous.  Am also hoping I can pick up one of the pieces to grace the walls of our new place.  The link to the website is here   It is under construction, but you can already see a few paintings and all the details for the expo.  One of her paintings is below.
There will also be an exhibition of some of my photographs at the BCWA in Paris during april and may.  Details will follow closer to the date.  If you are a woman of British or Commonwealth nationality (or married to someone who is) you should know about this organisation in Paris.  I have had some great times there and have some wonderful memories thanks to the BCWA.  As you all know reading is one of my passions, and without this club and its english language library I would have gone bankrupt buying books whilst here.  Please check out the link here

Whilst I am sharing links and favourite things, I must mention the Musee de Montmartre.  It is my favourite museum in all of Paris.  I will miss this place more than you can imagine.  It is constantly evolving with the needs of the quartier and is always interesting.  If you are in the quartier, please make sure you visit.  For more details see the website

Well, after all that I feel a little like an infomercial....

The photo at the top is of a "tutti frutti" frangipangi in the neighbours garden at Nelson Bay.  I thought we could all do with something fresh and sunny and bright to look at.