Thursday, 7 February 2013


Snowdrops are called perce-neige in french, (pierce-snow).  The first hint that spring is around the corner and soon the garden will be bursting with colour and scent.

At the risk of jinxing myself, we have not had a lot of snow this winter.

It has either been too cold and icy, or too wet and rainy.

This has not stopped the snowdrops from blooming, even though there is no snow to push their way through.

It was far too cold to go for a walk this morning, so Sophie and I contented ourselves with a wander over the terrain, checking out the ground and discussing how long before I can start planting.  She is a lovely little companion.  We have nice walks together and she knows when to comment, and when to keep her thoughts to herself..... as only a cat can do.

My only problem is that she must be as close to me as possible, and so I am always at great risk of tripping over her.  If I stop, she immediately steps on to my shoes and leans her body in to my legs.  Not sure if it is love, or love of my body warmth on a frosty morning....

Eric is the master of warm and cosy spots in the house.  He has decided that radiators were made specifically for cats, and so can be found draped artistically (and bonelessly) over the radiator in whichever room I am in. 

Guy prefers warm laps, or the electric blanket, or just the blanket and quilt made in to a nest....