Thursday, 28 March 2013

Time flies..... and so did I

Well, quite a few weeks have gone by since my last post.  Not intentional, but sometimes life takes a turn and you are driven off course for a while.

I have spent most of the time absent from here in Australia.  Not really a holiday, more attending to family matters.  There were some nice moments though, in amongst it all.

Spent some time with my bestest bud and her two gorgeous kidlets.  Also managed to see the extended family and the latest addition.  He is too cute for words!  Mind you, I think all our nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews and godchildren are gorgeous..... you can say I am biaised, I will not argue with you.

Then managed to spend some time with friends as well.  Wonderful to catch up even if not much time available.

We are really very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.  This last trip made me extremely aware of each person as an individual and as part of the group in an entirely different way.  I was so proud of our nieces and nephews who are growing up and starting families of their own.  To hear them talk about their plans and aspirations was great.  Seeing the little ones running around and seeming to change minute by minute was special too. 

One of the highlights was introducing my cousins girls to my brothers kidlets.  They hit it off immediately and played for hours.  A friend was there with her two kidlets, and all six played as if they had known each other all their lives.  Fabulous to see, and to know another generation will hopefully grow up and be friends too.

It was quite hard to tear myself away and come back to France.

But, home I am now, and getting stuck in to all the jobs that have been awaiting my return, as well as spending quality time with my furbabies.

The loungeroom is pretty much finished.  Will repaint walls in summer, but for now no work needed there.  The office needs plasterboard on all walls, but will also have to wait till summer. Not a huge stress as I love the look of the original plaster walls and exposed stone.  Rustic and charming.  The entry is nearly done.  Still a bit more wallpaper to remove (I do a few hours at a time, and clear about 50cm each time.... really hard to strip off) and then the walls to paint in summer.

However, there is power throughout the whole of the downstairs!!!!

A huge step and one that is greatly appreciated by all.  No more power cords stretching through the house, and being careful what is turned on so as not to overload the circuit.  Having a light in the loo is also quite

Hopefully in next few weeks we will have power upstairs too and I can finish unpacking and settling in.

The terrain is under development into garden and potager.  Our lovely neighbour Jean has helped me to scarify and turn the soil and we are ready to spread horse manure now.  After that I can start planting my vegetables, and setting out the garden area and flower beds.  A lot of hard work still to go, but it will be worth it in the end.
Both photos were taken in the garden of Aunty Lizzie in Australia.  She has a lovely frangipangi, and the tiny frogs love to sit in it and sunbake.  They turn from green to gold in the sun!