Friday, 20 January 2012

Home Again....

Phew!  What a whirlwind tour of family and friends that was.  Think we need a holiday to recover from the

A good time was had by all and it was lovely to see everyone again.  We both wished we had more time to spend at each stop and with each person.

The boys had a lovely time at their pension in the countryside.  In fact it was extremely difficult to convince them to get into their carry cases to come home!  They did not like the Christmas week with all its coming and going, but loved the outdoor exercise area and the cosy beds.

It has been a relatively mild winter here so far.  No snow as yet and no ice, although high winds and lots of rain.  Fortunately for me, I missed all this and from the day I arrived back it has been cold and fairly clear.  In fact winter seems to have made an effort for me and the past week has seen temps below zero and severe frosts.  A few mornings I have awoken to a garden that was so iced over that it almost looked like it had snowed during the night!

I have spent the past 2 weeks catching up on things here and getting organised again.  Thought I was at the stage were I could relax and kick back a bit.... when 3 steres of wood was delivered yesterday.... and needs to be stacked quickly as they are predicting snow for tomorrow.... and Wayne is away on business... comme d'habitude.... sigh.  So guess what I am doing today.

Had a lovely visit from a friend this week.  She was passing through on the way south for work and stayed here, and then on her return trip she also stayed over.  It was great to catch up and to welcome her to our home.  First time she had visited here, and so it was extra special for me that she made the time to stop by twice.  A real treat to see her.

The cats in the neighbourhood were all very glad to see me back.  Little Salameche is now a big boy.  Still gorgeous and super affectionate.... and still spending the day and night everywhere else except his own home.  When he saw me outside he ran down the road and leapt into my arms. I had my face thoroughly smooged and patted (close eyes, grit teeth and don't breathe in all the cat and he told me a huge tale of the past 2 months, before allowing me to put him down and continue to the letter box.  A funny little character.

A note.  My computer is about to reach the end of its life, so for a few weeks - until I can replace it - I cannot do much on it.  Most functions, including emails, meet with a message telling me that no space or memory or capacity or just simply a fail message.  So emails will be a bit quiet from me till new computer is installed.  Apologies to all that I owe emails.  I am using my iphone to answer urgent stuff, and having to let all other emails wait.

The photo at top is of a King Parrot (male) taken in the Blue Mountains at a friends place. 
Second photo is a view through the gardens surrounding Circular Quay, (from the Rocks towards the quay).