Monday, 17 March 2014


Our chicks are hatched, and just need to grow big and strong and then they will come to live chez nous.

Can't wait!  They are super cute, peeping away under the heat lamp.  This is a legbar chick.  Very pretty chickens when they have their big girl feathers.  I am getting two hens and a rooster.  Hopefully they will do as nature intended and I will have a small flock in a year or so.

Had a visit today and tried to get a photo.  Unfortunately, the chick does not know how to keep still so a wee bitty blurry.

Oh well, just nice to see them when so small.

Have been fairly quiet on the blogging front as the weather has been spectacular, so I have been making the most of it and gardening.  We are due for a cold snap end of the week, and some rain.  I don't mind though as rain is vital to the success of my plantings and the continued growth of my new lawn.

My veg seeds have all been sown, and are little green sprouts in the mini serre (glass house).  I should be able to start hardening them off next week, and then start sowing my next lot of seeds.  The terrain has been plowed, and I just need to go over it with the cultivator to make it finer grain and then the potatoes and carrots etc seeds can go direct in to the ground.

Flowers and shrubs are gradually being added to the bedding areas, as well as hundreds upon hundreds of bulbs.  Hopefully we will have flower beds that are interesting year round when finished.

In the meantime there is no shortage of garden work and house renovations to be getting on with whilst I await the arrival of my chicks.