Saturday, 10 April 2010

Delectable Delights

There is a new cake shop on rue Lepic..... and it is a feast for the eyes - let alone the tastebuds!

They specialise in cheesecakes (unbaked) and cupcakes, as well as custom made decorated cakes.

The cheesecakes all sound delicious. Flavours like key lime, raspberry and white choc, speculoos (my weakness - dammit), salted butter caramel. The list goes on and on. Each more mouthwatering than the last.

The cupcakes come in similar types of flavours and they are all so beautiful it seems almost a shame to eat them..... almost.

What I love is their window display. They have this huge multi layer chocolate cake decorated with outsize sugar paste flowers in vibrant colours. Incredible. I only had my iphone with me, so the photo quality is not the best. Will go back and take proper photos at a later date.

The handbag cake is gorgeous. Wayne thought it was a real handbag. It actually has a pearlescent effect painted all over the surface which did not come out in the photos. What looks like the chocolate blooming is actually the edible paint. Every bit of it is edible, but it is such a work of art that you would have to force yourself to cut it up.

Confession time.......... I actually had a slice of their key lime cheesecake. Divine!

I am too scared to try their speculoos or salted butter caramel delicacies as, if they are good, I know I will be unable to stay away from them.

The staff are so nice and are very willing to let you ask questions and take ages to decide on what you will eventually take away with you. Apparently they do a lunch menu with quiche or salad and a cake (cheese or cupcake) and a drink...... but lets be honest here, this is one place where I think you can safely skip the healthy part of the meal and go straight for dessert. I know I did!


  1. Ok, now that's just plain MEAN to publish something like that!!!


    on another note: what if I would send you something larger than mailbox-enveloppe-size - would that be possible?! Does that work the same as in Holland: if you're not home you get a mnote from the mailman where to pick the parcel up?


  2. I know, I like to tease

    Just think of it as anticipation for your next trip!

    Yes, same system for post here. I go to Abbesses and pick it up during business hours.

    What are you scheming???? If you do send a parcel, can I ask for some wasabi please? You might have beeter chance than me to get it. Have totally run out and no one seems to have any in stock right now. Very frustrating as I eat it with everything!