Thursday, 2 September 2010


A short update.

I am home from holidays, and it was wonderful.

Swam, ate, relaxed, read, slept. The perfect break. Eating dinner on the terrace every night whilst enjoying a glass of local wine, and listening to the insects as dusk fell. Bliss

Unfortunately I have had a little oops and am not getting around very easily. Nothing broken, but I do have a cast on my ankle for the next few weeks, and have to rest and keep my foot up.... which makes sitting at the computer a little difficult.

Need to take lessons in relaxation from Picsous the cat who lives in l'Amiraute.
Will be back to dazzle you with photos as soon as possible.


  1. Oh dear! You are a dangerous woman. I hope it is healed soon. At least you have two furry comforters, whom I am sure appreciate as much lap time as they can get!

  2. Oh no! A cast for a few weeks sounds like a pretty serious "oops". (I empathize and sympathize--my broken ankle is healed now, but a Tedious Two Months was had by all in my household.)
    With your incredible reading rate--how the books will pile up beside your "settee" !

  3. The cats are about the only people enjoying this "interlude".... They think my lap is specifically for their enjoyment. I alternate between sitting on the lounge with my foot up and laying on the bed. If I am on the bed I have a cat on each side of my ankle purring hard. Very cute.

    I am soooo bored!

    Keep running out of books and dvd's, and nothing good on tv.

    Am taking a taxi to the library tomorrow, but can only borrow 4 books at a time. That will last me a day or two, then back to boredom.

  4. Debbie what a nuisance. Hope the cast is off soon. Thank you for the postcards. It's always wonderful to share your travels.

  5. Hi Debbie--you've probably seen this already, but it made me think of you (and Griffin, who also believes in cats :)