Friday, 10 December 2010

Christkindelmarik, Strasbourg 2010

Just a quick post with an update on the trip to Strasbourg.....

Yes it did go ahead.  The TGV was running, albeit at a much slower speed than usual.

We had a fabulous day wandering around the city and exploring the little markets scattered throughout it.

Lunch was sauerkraut (for C.) and Civet de Biche (venison casserole, for me).  

The whole city smelt like Christmas.  Spicy, warm and enticing.

Lights and decorations abounded, and the whole city felt very welcome and a bit like Santa's grotto....

 More pics in the album to the left.

The angel picture is specially for two lovely friends.  Firstly to Joan.  Her Christmas angels are glorious affairs.  Hope you like the ones at the top of the post Joan.

 These ones are for Barbara.  Well wishes and hope you are not having too rough a time with chemo.


  1. Madame's angels are creative and praiseworthy, I agree.
    Nice to see a post from you, and happy to discover "Civet de Biche" -- elk in my freezer, a little too much of it!

    oh my--the word verification phrase is "comedpr"

  2. Thanks Rosemary, a good giggle over the verification.

    Madame's angel is the only decoration we have up this year. Young cat and decorations do not play well together... although I am sure Eric will tell you otherwise!

    I am so jealous of the elk in your freezer. No such thing as too much though - just need to do some serious casseroles and some serious eating! lol