Sunday, 7 August 2011

Not quite fluffy dice.....

But you can find fluffy cat bottoms in there. 

Yes, he is inside my car.  The penalty for leaving the hatch open while unloading things.

Now of course it is a fun game to have one in and one out and to attack each other through the windscreen.

.....and yes, they do walk all over the car at will....grrrr.   My cute little red car is always covered in grubby cat paw prints.  Even though it is parked in the garage and is washed and kept in good condition - I always have their sweaty little fat feet leaving calling cards across the bonnet, windows and roof.  Nothing deters Guy, and of course what Guy does, Eric copies.


  1. Oh! Eric is all grown up! What a big handsome boy he's become. I still think, however, that he'd make an excellent cat actor ;)

  2. Thank you. I think he is very handsome, but I am

    I knew you would get a shock as he was still a baby when you saw him. He has grown at a great rate over the past 6 months and is now a cat - no more kitten. Although he does still suckle when going to sleep and all those other cute things.

  3. What an utterly gorgeous pair! They are both very handsome. Would love to have seen Eric as a kitten, I know he would have been very cute.

  4. Thank you Griffin. Long time no hear.

    Eric was so sweet as a baby. He had azure blue eyes and the loudest purr you can imagine.

    Eyes have changed to gold now, but he still has the extra loud and deep purr.