Sunday, 26 May 2013

Guess what I found in the potager

No, not Peter Rabbit..... Pierre le Lievre

This tiny little hare was in the potato patch this afternoon.  So cute and soft and warm. 

Had a cuddle and then released him where I found him.  He was so small that he would still be milk fed, so didn't want to disturb him too much.  Hopefully his nest wasn't far away.

Hares make a nest on top of the ground and there is one baby per nest.  The mother comes by a few tiles a day to feed the the baby and it stays in its nest the rest of the time.

Will have to check out exactly where he lives and keep an eye out for more babies.  Luckily we hadn't trimmed along the drystone wall yet, so it will now be left for another few weeks to give him and his brothers and sisters a chance to grow up and move out of home first.

What a lovely thing to find on French Mothers Day!


  1. oh what a beautiful colors this cutie has!

  2. He was so pretty and so silky soft. Brought back lovely memories of the pet hare we had as children.

    Hope you and Jaap are well.


    1. we are well! hopping from one jetlag to the other and loving it thoroughly - our international life together. Summer will be in Vancouver with lots of family visits and me taking pastry and jam making classes.

      Hope you and Wayne are well and happy too!