Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Before and After

We have been working continuously to restore and renovate our fermette over the past 8 months.  Some of it is not clearly evident, such as the rewiring of the electricity, while other parts jump out at you.  This is the case with the chicken coop area.

I had to get some help with this space.  It was too much and too overgrown for me to manage on my own.  Luckily I had met someone who does this kind of work, and so they kindly agreed to take on the challenge.

The results speak for themselves.  Where initially there was a tangled wreck of chicken coops, pigeon house and rabbit hutches surrounded by jungle, there is now a pleasant open space ready to be fenced in and used. ... well after reroofing the chicken coop of course.

So here are the before (above 2) and after (below) shots to keep you amused.
As you can see there is a huge difference!

A lovely friend has also gifted us the roofing materials, so we can reroof the chicken coop and rabbit hutches now.  Very generous of them and greatly appreciated!

Recipes at end of week as I will be baking and cooking ready for an afternoon tea/sausage sizzle on saturday.

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