Thursday, 5 December 2013


Off to Paris for a few days for my Birthday.  Looking forward to seeing all the lights, and to do a bit of shopping with the girls.  Can't wait to see everyone.  It has been far too long.

I hope it is clear skies and no rain whilst there.  Last trip it rained miserably and was very windy.  Am hoping for good weather so I can stroll around, and to enjoy a chocolat chaud sitting outside a café people watching.

Lots of catching up and eating out will be done.  Think I am going to need a holiday to get over my short break.....  this little country mouse isn't used to the fast paced city mouse lifestyle anymore!

Back this time next week with an update on the big city life.


  1. oh how wonderful! Have lots of fun sweetheart!

  2. Thank you, I shall have a great time. When are you next back over this side of the world??