Saturday, 26 December 2009

How to commence.....

Well, here it is. I have finally done it. A blog is born.

What do I say.... what do I show you.... how often should I write here.... questions galore race through my mind.

One thing I am certain about is that I will endeavour to use this as a place to keep family and friends updated on our life here in Paris and our adventures around the world. There may be food, travel, books, painting, friends and family - in fact anything that occurs may well find its way onto these pages.

I hope it finds a home on your bookmarks list and fulfils the curiosity regarding our life and happenings, bringing the distance between us all a little closer.


  1. Fantastic Debbie and welcome to the other side of the internet!

  2. Welcome to the new blog ! And very pleased to be part of the opening lines (well, sort of) .

  3. Thank you both. How lovely to have you both as my first commenters.

  4. Nooooooooooooooo. Erin. I wanted to be the first commenter. At least I'm here before the darling Madame S. Who is also starting a new blog. I shall attempt to be there first.

    Welcome to blogging Debbie. I look forward to lots od Paris adventues.

  5. Thank you Barbara. How interesting that Madame S is starting a new venture. Shall be eagerly awaiting that one.

  6. Hi Debbie! Looking forward to seeing more of your life & food on the blog.
    Mademoiselle S. ;-)

  7. Hi Deb! Just found your blog today - it looks beautiful!! But since it's still sort of very new I don't have to fee too guilty for not finding it sooner :-)
    Enjoy the writing - I know I do!!

    love, Mickey

  8. Merci M'elle S. Look forward to seeing more of you here too. Where is Mme S????

    Mickey, no need to feel guilty. You are busy writing your own blog and having adventures in HK. Which I am enjoying reading about on both your blogs!