Thursday, 31 December 2009

Welcome to the family little man

I am writing this through a mist of tears. Happy, joyful tears absolutely - but tears with a hint of sadness also.

You see today my handsome nephew was born in Australia.... and I am here in Paris.

I really wish I could be there to hold him and tell him how much we all love him and have looked forward to his arrival. To smell that incredible baby smell that is better than any perfume. To marvel at his little fingers and toes and his fabulous chubby little cheeks.

Yes, for a family where babies are normally measured in ounces or grams, this little boy has topped the scales and is very definately in pounds or kilos! I think his birth weight probably doubles the total birth weight of his Dad, myself and his other Aunty combined.

Well done to my brother and sister-in-law. Once again you have created a perfect, gorgeous little being.

As for us, we shall toast his coming into the world with champagne tonight... and possibly a few sentimental tears as well.


  1. Oh Deb, he is wonderful!! What is his name?

    Congratulations Auntie!!

  2. Thank you both! His name is Callum and he is wonderful. Eats, sleeps and is very content and placid. Claudia absolutely adores him..... as do we all.