Monday, 8 February 2010

M for Mechant

I know. No need to write in and tell me.

I am going to be one of those crazy cat ladies in my twilight years.

You know the ones that talk to their cat as if it is real, generally have more than one cat, feed them on delicacies yet don't have the money to pay the utilities, groom them and ensure they are magnificant looking but don't brush their own hair very often, look a bit like a cross between Brigitte Bardot in her current faze and my Great Aunt Noela (ie very curvacaous, but with the "witchy poo" hair and make up that BB seems to have adopted. What is it with that?!?). I just hope I don't suffocate them in my bosom like Aunty Noela used to do to animals..... and children. The nightmares I think we all suffered as a result of that!

Now that we have that out in the open, allow me to share another photo of my furbaby.

Yes I am besotted with him. Yes I do carry photos of him around in my handbag.

I must add that I also carry photos of the nieces, nephews, great niece and great nephew, godchildren etc. Just getting that on record before condemned to early crazy cat lady status.

OK, I do have adoption papers and am known as the "Maman de Guy la Griffe" at the vets... but that is just coincidental. I promise.

He is so adorable, but so so naughty. Like most cats that are Bengal origin he has an M in dark fur on his forehead ( a lot of tabbies have this also, which is where I think the Bengal gets it from). In french, the word "mechant" means naughty (it can also mean spiteful or vicious - but he is neither of those).

We joke that he was branded from birth and is just following the dictates laid down on his fur. Which is a bit worrying as he has a cobra pattern above the M......


  1. ah Cherie, Guys is adorable!!
    This week is bittersweet as it's the last week I get to play with my furbaby Puck. She will go to her new home a week from today. A good decision, though a little (lot!) sad for us! We'll meet the new Puck-lady tonight, but all sounded good and she's looking forward to having her.

    Ha, the quick thinker must have figured out we're in Holland then?! Yes, we are - busy schedule as ever - will try to mail you more soon! Not much room though for a quickie to Paris....we should plan that or Amsterdam in better temperatures! (you would be very welcome ofcourse but visiting parents-in-law is not my idea of a playdate with you!!!!!
    Will update you soon on the Yoghurt as well.

    Hugs for now!

  2. He is adorable Debbie. I Hope Wayne is back and you are no longer home alone.

  3. Thanks ladies, I think he is very adorable, but then I am a bit biaised.

    Yes, Wayne is home this week. Very jetlagged and recovering after getting hypoxia (?) (altitude sickness) while in Colorado. I swear he shouldn't be allowed to travel as he gets sick every time!!

    Don't worry about schedules Mickey, just let me know when things calm down a bit so we can plan. What about beginning of April? Wayne is turning 50 so we need to have a fabulous dinner, or two or three....

    It is sad your furbaby is gone, but maybe you can look after another one soon??