Thursday, 4 February 2010

Midweek Musings

Well, here I am on another grey winters day. The sun is trying desperately to show its face, but without a great deal of success.

It has been a tough week.

A contre temps with certain members of the club saw me begin the week in a less than optimal mood. Then another run in on wednesday almost finished my connection with the club forever. I do not know why people have to be so sneaky, nasty and underhand. Or why they have to take out their insecurities and negativity on others.

Wayne has been away for most of January and I am feeling a little jaded with dinners alone every night and not being able to talk and to generally living separate lives. It seems I only see him for long enough to repack a suitcase and then spend the next week catching up on washing whilst he travels.

After a good long chat with a friend and her cat over many cups of tea and biscuits (who needs a regime at a time like this? Emotional crisis demand comfort food!) I feel a lot better. Going to the movies with another good friend helped also. Nothing like a good laugh to make you feel better.

....ok, maybe a good laugh and lots of cups of tea.....

I am very grateful to have such good friends this week.

p.s. the photo was taken at an archaeological conference last february. We were served afternoon tea in the tiny local church of a lovely village called Caerwent in Wales before visiting the fabulous Roman ruins that lie under and around the present village. The women of the village brought their own tea sets so they had enough cups and saucers to cater for our group.


  1. oh dear - is Wayne still the traveller this month?
    Hope you do get some more time together!
    Tough sometimes, isn't it...
    Lots of tea does help - and friends are priceless. Do forget the others, the sneaky ones. Not worth your worries!

    Lovely, lovely cups!

  2. I think I was angry with myself as much as the others Mickey. I thought they were nice people and they used me up and tossed me aside when they didn't need me anymore. Need to learn to be a bit more cynical and detach myself from being emotionally hurt maybe?

    Wayne will be home saturday late which I am looking forward to. We will actually get to spend our wedding anniversary together this year which will be nice. Going to London for a few days of fun and frolicks.

    Aren't those cups lovely! I adore proper tea cups and saucers.