Thursday, 25 February 2010

Spring has (almost) Sprung!

What a week. It has flown by as if it had wings.

Much like the birds which are starting to make themselves known around the quartier.

The jasmine plant on our bedroom windowsill has put forth new shoots and is looking vibrant and vigorous.

The crocus bulbs which are pushing through the grass in the house opposite, and the earth of our window boxes, all tell me that spring is almost here.

No budlets for leaves on the trees yet, but you can just feel that they are not too far away.

We have averaged 10C each day this week. Almost a heatwave! The only worry is that we will have a late snowfall or the temp will drop very low, very quickly, and all the signs of spring will be killed by frost.

Even if we do get a killer frost, I will still have spring inside. I have two hyacinth bulbs being forced on (hopefully a pink and a purple) and they both have lovely strong flower stalks with tightly furled buds at present. Another few days and it will look and smell divine and springlike chez Pitt.

Stay tuned for pictures as spring shows its face more clearly.


  1. Debbie - I finally got to make a comment. I've enjoyed following you and Wayne and of course, Guy. Haven't the privilege to meet him yet. Last September was the time I was going to surprise you but got ill almost immediately upon arriving in Paris (10 days sick and then another 12 days at Hopital Cochin). Tom flew over to take me home and I really felt cheated out of a trip. I will make it up this fall and hoping that you will be in Paris so we can get together. Will let you know as soon as I get our tickets and confirmed dates...... Looking forward to seeing you again.
    groses bises,

  2. Look forward to seeing you in september! Let me know when you have booked your tix.

  3. I haven't seen any signs of autumn around here.

  4. Well, the late snowfall I predicted is on its way. We are supposed to have snow by friday....

    Conversation with friends this morning centred around the weather and how we are all looking forward to seeing real spring and then hoping for a proper summer.

  5. but then again, aren't we lucky we have the weather to complain/talk about?!?!
    Just back in HongKong after 3 weeks snow and cold in NL. Even in HK it has been unusually cold two weeks ago. And now.....pfff, 26 degrees and a humidity of 95% doesn't make us happy either...:-) It's the humidity that makes it uncomfy, temperature is great!
    With my real-dutch-tulips inside it's spring anyway, no matter what 'outside' is doing...

  6. I tried very hard to get tulip bulbs, but could not find any that had been forced on. So I just have crocus and hyacinth.

    Agree on the humidity. 26 degrees is very pleasant - 95% humidity is very UNpleasant.

    Did you fly out in the wind storms we had yesterday? Absolutely incredible. We stayed in as there were things flying through the air quite violently.