Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Day 16 - Last Day in Sweden

Here we are, still going strong and on the homeward stretch.

We reached the Arctic and had a great time.

Have seen, done, and eaten so much it is hard to comprehend.

Tomorrow morning we are on the ferry from Swedne to Denmark, then back through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and into France.

All is well and we look forward to being home with the furbabies by sunday night.

Will post - with photos - when home


  1. I hope you were able to see the lightshow!

  2. Enjoy my home sweet home, eat lots of kroketten en haring and other dutch goodies and SEE YOU SOON in Paris, yey!!!

  3. I am WAY behind on my blogs! I got your postcard today (thanks :)) and realised how far behind I am! I hope you are well and having a marvelous time. We definitely need to catch up.

  4. Thank you all.

    Unfortunately the lightshow is in winter, so we missed it. One of my things on the "must do" list though.

    We had lunch in the Netherlands, and then were through and in Germany..... Wayne has promised me a long weekend in Amsterdam though so I can fill myself with kroketten. They are so addictive!

    Erin, you would be stunned at how good the roads are up there for the moto. We have made the decision to get a new bike and are looking at a beemer. You guys MUST plan your trip so we can do it together. I think we both need to win lotto and take to the open Would help if I ever bought a lotto

  5. Oh Debbie I meant the Northern Lights--weren't they doing something spectacular in Scandanavia on the nights you were there?

  6. I knew you meant them, but they are a winter thing. I have told Wayne that means we have to go back in