Monday, 26 July 2010

Timmernabben Sweden - Day 7

Yet another quick update.

The Viking Museum in Roskilde was incredible! Well worth a visit.

Rode on from Denmark across the bridge into Sweden and spent 2 nights at Malmö with friends. Saw my first Viking Ship Grave, as well as other local sights in southern Sweden.

We spent last night (and will spend tonight as well) in Timmernabben in Sweden with friends. Visited Kalmar and also the island of Öland. Amazing things to tell you all at a later date. Fabulous food as well......

Tomorrow we head to Stockholm where we will visit the Vasa Museum.

All is going well. I saw my first moose - well the rear end of a moose anyway - in the pouring rain yesterday as we rode along the highway. There are so many moose in this area that they are a bit of a nuisance on the roads. So the solution was to put up high fencing along the road with crossing points for the moose.

Felt a reindeer pelt yesterday. It was the most plush and pretty pelt I have ever seen or felt. Wish we had room to bring one back with us. I imagine the furbabies would love a reindeer pelt to curl up on.

I highly recommend you look up this village on the internet. It is so charming and we have felt so relaxed and comfortable here. Reminds us a bit of some parts of Port Stephens.

That is all for now. Will update again in a few days depending on internet access.

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