Friday, 8 January 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Just walked into the bedroom to put on an extra layer of clothes (it is minus 5 outside, and it is 11am) and what do I find......

Hmmm, think I am approaching this cold weather all wrong.

Need to take lessons in coccooning from the cat.


  1. LOL. What an adorable picture of your adorable furbaby!

  2. merci ma copine!

    He did a good impression of being startled and surprised that it was wrong to be curled up in my bed.

    Must admit for all his naughtyness he is gorgeous.

  3. He IS pretty adorable . . . isn't it funny how cats always act like they're doing something wrong, regardless of what's happening?

  4. Just caught up on the last three blogs - still getting in to the swing of this. Uni sounds scary; yoghurt sounds tasty and Guy has the right idea - as all cats do!

  5. Cats are truly evil as we all know.... but we still love them and have to share our lives with them. It is just annoying that they are always right - even when they are wrong....

    Yes Jo, it is a bit scary, but am about to do a refresher course for my french... fingers crossed!