Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tea for one, with a heart

Late in the afternoon, when I am at home, I sit and have a cup of tea and read a book or just snuggle with the cat for half an hour.

It is my way of relaxing, unwinding and organising my thoughts.

I may plan what we will have for dinner that night, go through my "to do list", or just let my thoughts wander were they may.

As I have just come back from Bruxelles, I have chocolate to enjoy with my cup of tea. A delicious treat!

The heart theme is, of course, for Barbara. She is focusing on hearts at present in her blog


  1. Nice hearts on the cup as well!

  2. Nice heart choccy Deb..and I love the cup. I'll include it in my heart post next week.

  3. Would you believe the cups were a free gift last week at one of the shops I buy from on rue Lepic.... I laughed as they were so appropriate. Two lovely cups and their spoons with hearts on each.

    BTW, did you notice I actually managed to link this time.... before you know it I will be computer savvy! lol