Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Midweek Musings

Well, today I resigned my position as the co-ordinator of the younger members group at the club..... effective immediately.

I promised to co-ordinate till it was up and running and then I wanted to hand it over to others who have the time and energy. Promise kept. Exit stage left.

For my next trick.....

I am away a lot over the next few months. Professional conferences and opportunities abound for me this year. A good feeling to know there is a niche for you out there in the big wide world.

Prior to may I also need to brush up on my academic french so that I can apply to the Sorbonne. A big call, and one that is going to require huge amounts of time, effort and dedication if I am to succeed. Come september I want to be walking in the portals of La Sorbonne feeling confident and ready to tackle a tough year of cramming. For it will be a course that seems to cram four years into one......

As Wayne would say, take a big bite. Bite off more than you can swallow - then chew like hell till it's gone!

After which I am sure I will be feeling proud as a .... well you know how it goes..

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