Saturday, 16 January 2010

Guessing game

Hmmm, what is this picture?

What am I going to be doing next week?

It involves one of my interests, and something I have done a lot of study on.

OK, another clue is the picture below.

Stay tuned for the answer to this guessing game which will be posted after 25 January.....


  1. I'm REALLY hoping you're performing an analysis on stone tool technology, but I think you'd be insane to use quartz(?) and 16 mm pickaxes for that . . . plus wearing the helmet would be a bit much ;)

  2. Close guess..... would love to get my hands on some stone tools for a play, but that is not what I will be doing.

    The "quartz" is actually a mineral and the pickaxes are geopicks......

    Anyone else want to have a guess with these clues?

    BTW Emily, how is your work going? When do I get to read it??

  3. If you are going anywhere it's Winter, you must have rocks in your head (as opposed to in your hands) - just teasing. Have a good time and tell us all about it. And yes, your nephew and niece are eatable. You have my full commiserations in being so far away from them. Thank goodness for clear digital photos, Skype, email and cheap international calls!

  4. I am sort of hoping you've abandoned archaeology for mining.

  5. Yes Jo, I am wondering if I have rocks in my head as I pack my bag. So far it has ski pants, thermal ski socks, thermal underwear (tops AND bottoms), thick jumpers and heavy boots. Shiver.

    So far Erin is the closest. There will be a quarry involved.

    Maybe I should go into mining.... there is so much money there... lol



  7. Oops, I was trying to answer your puzzle with a picture--my actual guess is -- you're going to a marble quarry?

  8. I was going to thank you for finding my marbles. Thought I had lost them wanting to go to Belgium in winter... lol

    You are the closest so far. There is a quarry involved. What rock type we shall guess after the 25th.

  9. Oh, that's easy then. If you are going to a quarry and it could be marble, than you are obviously going to better Michelangelo's "David". See you in three years. Now, what else do you need help with? As you can see, I'm just FULL of helpful suggestions.....not.....