Sunday, 7 March 2010


Well, spring has arrived. And with it the last of the cold weather.

Just when the bulbs are making a brave effort to show their faces and dazzle us with colour in our monochrome winter existance.

The sun is very welcome, even though it has meant very cold nights and cold days. Everyone complains about Paris being grey and cloudy all the time, but at least the clouds do keep a bit of the heat down near the ground.

Time has been flying by as if it had wings. In the past week I have a new mobile phone (and new number) and have been learning all about "apps" that I can put on it. Just because I could, the photo of the crocus was taken on my iphone. Not the best photo in existance, but it was so pretty and just begged to be photographed. Now of course, I have discovered the photo apps and things are going to get a lot more interesting...... stay tuned.

Speaking of flowers and growing things. I had a great day of gardening with a friend last wednesday. We hacked into an overgrown and tangled mess of dead honeysuckle, ivy and climbing rose. Now there is air and light and the possibility of flowers from the rose. Flowers which have not been seen for a long time as it was gradually choking to death amongst the mess.

Whilst we worked - and sweated - my friends cat sunbaked and supervised from a sheltered spot.

Oh to be a cat......


  1. I love to see the crocus and daffodils in my yard every spring--poking through the snow! It happens every year and never seems to hurt them a bit.

  2. It is quite amazing isn't it.

    I am not so worried about the bulbs as I am about the tender new shoots on the jasmine plant. Those I know do not survive a late frost or snow.

  3. I hope you've seen the last of your freezing cold days. Those spring flowers need to come out and give joy to everyone!

    The plum and quince blossoms are out (we always have an earlier spring although it has been quite wet here lately!). It's good to feel the sun shining and get a lot of needed Vit. D!

  4. I love it when the fruit trees blossom!

    Can you take a photo of the quince tree please. I have never seen one in flower. Do they smell as lovely as quince fruit do?

  5. Debbie, I keep forgetting the camera. The flowering quince do not bear fruits - just blossoms. It is very popular during the Chinese New Year's celebration!