Monday, 12 July 2010

Eric le Roux

There is something I have been meaning to tell you. I have wanted to share this news for a month now, but have not been able to for various reasons.

We became furparents for the second time, and have welcomed into our lives a new little furbaby.

His name is Eric le Roux and he is simply the funniest, cutest, naughtiest, most gorgeous little chat rouge in the world. Not that I am biased or anything.....

I absolutely love ginger cats. Have wanted one all my life. Sac a puce was a good substitute when we lived in rue Lepic, but he was not ours.

We had been discussing adopting a brother for Guy la Griffe. He pines when I am not with him, and it had reached the point where he was losing huge amounts of weight each time I went away as he would just pine and mope and miss me too much. The theory was that maybe with a little brother he would have company and would not pine for me so badly.

Friends in the quartier told me that their brothers cat had kittens and was I interested in adopting one. When I found out it was a ginger there was no question.

We met the baby boy and he took to us straight away. A few weeks had to pass before he was ready to leave his mother, but when that time came I brought him home with great delight.

Guy loved him from the first minute and they have been inseparable ever since.

So our home has been filled with the sounds of cats rumbling and wrestling, the pitter patter of tiny (and not so tiny) feet across the parquet, and plenty of purring. There is even less room in the bed for me as Eric loves to snuggle too.

The past few weeks has been an absolute delight watching the two boys interact, Eric growing at a rapid rate, and learning new things day by day. He can now jump to any height and climbs fearlessly to the top of the wardrobe. If Guy is eating, Eric is right beside him eating as well. When Guy naps, Eric naps. If Guy uses the litter tray.... well, you get the message.

I am looking forward to many happy years with my two furbabies and to many lovely photos as well.

Before I forget... Eric le Roux means Eric the Red. He is named after a King of the Vikings. It is also a play on words as it sounds like Eric the rascal.... kind of appropriate really.
Daddy bought us a very flash climbing castle. We love it soooo much!


  1. Oh Debbie, he's *so* cute! Congratulations on the new addition to the family. May your furniture (and your arms and legs) be spared from deadly kitten claws!

  2. Oh Debbie, he is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

    Good to see you back in blogland :-)


  3. Those 2 pictures are delightful, of course the sweet kitten face but also the telling who's-on-top-and-looking-straight-into-the-camera scene. I'm allergic to cats (aaaaaagh--stupid stupid allergy, I know) but love to see them. Knew a ginger sweetheart--feisty outdoor cat of the neighborhood. His name was Panda (there is a gold coin called the "Panda" --it's the Chinese equivalent of the Krugerrand.)
    Were you worried that Guy wouldn't accept Eric?

    Very glad to see you back!

  4. Thank you all.

    He is gorgeous. Everyone has been asking to come over and have a playdate with him. He has a purr like a tractor engine and everytime he sees us it starts up and he has to have a quick cuddle before bouncing away to play and pounce and be wicked.

    We knew Guy would be ok, but did expect a little jealousy at first. There has been absolutely none! With this precedent I can become the crazy cat lady with no

    Rosemary, so sorry to hear you are allergic. Wayne used to be allergic to my cat in Australia. Guy doesn't shed like a normal domestic and so Wayne has never been allergic to him. Funnily enough we think he may have desensitised as he is not allergic to Eric.

    I could not imagine my life without my furbabies.

    Luckily I have only had one scratch so far. Guy has been very quick to teach Eric that only the climbing castle, scratching post and scratching mat are for claws - nothing else. Eric has been getting his adult teeth the past 2 weeks though, so we have had a few things chewed.....