Sunday, 18 July 2010

Le Cercle de l'Arctique

St Tropez - where the hoards descend to each summer

So, it is *that* time of year again.

That time when most of Paris is empty, and the southern coastal regions are full.

That time when accomodation prices increase 100 fold, and the roads become a gigantic parking lot with no one going anywhere fast - or at all.

That time of sunny days (if you are lucky), almost blue skies and warm weather.

Yes, it's holiday time, or les vacances.

And what do we do....

We head north.

To the Arctic Circle.

You read correctly. The Arctic Circle. Home of the Sami, reindeer and mosquitoes. The place where the average temperature will be 10-20 degrees celcius, but sunny.

Side cases are packed, bike and riding gear checked and double checked. Cats in the care of good friends.

We leave in the morning and head to Liege, Belgium for the first night. Then on to Hannover (after lunch with friends in Germany). Night three is Guldborg in Denmark, followed by Roskild. The next night we are in Malmo, Sweden where we spend a few nights with friends, then Hultsfred, for a few nights with friends, and on to Stockholm.

After Stockholm we venture into the wilds of northern Sweden via the east coast, ending our trek at Jokkmokk which is inside the Arctic Circle. Officially part of Lappland.

The return trip follows a different route through the centre of Sweden, ferry to Denmark and then a slightly different route back through Germany and finally into France.

I will attempt to update the blog as we go, but it all depends if I can get internet access while away.

Photos will follow when we return in three weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

Bonnes vacances!


  1. hey tough cookies :-) enjoy the arctic!!

  2. Tough... not so sure.

    Sore bums - definately!!!!