Sunday, 11 July 2010

Food Glorious Food

Finally, the long awaited and eagerly anticipated post on my food experiences in Southport.

I would like to start with the cream of the crop. The Dining Rooms on West Street, part of the Alexandra and Victoria Hotel.

What a treat this meal was!

Perfect in every way.

They offer a selection of menus and formules and I chose the one that appealed most to my tastebuds. I (and they) were not disappointed.

I was really impressed by the fact that they serve tap water in the restaurant, and not bottles of outrageously priced and un-necessary commercially bottled water. An onsite water filter ensures that the water tastes and smells good and it does not add to the cost for the restaurant or the customer. Pity more places do not follow this idea.

Firstly, an amuse bouche of vegetable soup was offered in an espresso cup. Delicious and well balanced, it made you wish all vegetable soups could be exactly like it.

I had chosen a glass of J. Moreau & fils select blanc to drink with my meal and was very happy to find that it stood up to everything I chose without competing.

The entree was a roll of delicious fresh ingredients, lightly fried
and served with a tasty and mildly piquant salsa and crisp salad.

A risotto was the dish I had chosen for my plat. It was incredible. Bursting with full flavoured pumpkin, zesty and herby, and with a creamy cheesy finish. The balsamic reduction on the side was perfect for dipping the occasional mouthful into for a change of pace.

I could have had another serving of this quite easily.... except then I would not have been able to eat my cheeseplate. Sigh, decisions, decisions.

The cheeseplate was very good. I had requested that it not have the fruit which the menu stated it came with. Call me picky, but I prefer my cheese unadulterated. A nice bit of salad and some good crusty bread or crackers is all you need.

The blue stilton was delicious - as ever. The smoked cheddar so good it disappeared before the photo was taken. Unfortunately the double glouster was ruined in my opinion by the fact that it had chives through it..... but that is just my opinion. The taste and texture of the cheese was great otherwise.

I can hear a few of you giggling and pointing to the whiskey glass..... yes, I did enjoy a glass of the amber nectar with my cheese. My one weakness is a dram of really really good whiskey (I will go Irish or Scottish depending on the mood). I don't drink it often, but when I do I go for the best I can find and savour every drop.

No dessert. I prefer savoury to sweet so am quite often not interested in the dessert menu.

I must say that if you do find yourself in Southport you must make time to check out this place. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable about their products, the prices were very good and the quality exceptional.

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